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Irish Art - every significant Irish art gallery selling Irish art - North and South.

Buy art for pleasure and investment. Free membership allows Collectors to track favourite Irish artists and be e-mailed as soon as galleries upload new images. We do not sell art direct - nor can artists sell direct from this site. Irish artists can, however, use us freely to upload their work and seek representation from Irish art galleries. As art galleries can update their artist's information at any time their entry is as up-to-date as they require.

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Click image to view some top commercial Irish art galleries

Coloured Rain GalleryClick for website

  • Kerlin Gallery

    Kerlin GalleryClick for website

  • Oisin Gallery

    Oisin GalleryClick for website

  • Oriel Gallery

    Oriel GalleryClick for website

  • Cross Gallery

    Cross GalleryClick for website

  • Gormley's Fine Art Belfast

    Gormley's Fine Art BelfastClick for website

  • Jorgensen Fine Art

    Jorgensen Fine ArtClick for website

  • Mullan Gallery

    Mullan GalleryClick for website

  • Tom Caldwell Gallery

    Tom Caldwell GalleryClick for website

  • Coloured Rain Gallery

    Coloured Rain GalleryClick for website

  • Hillsboro Fine Art

    Hillsboro Fine ArtClick for website

  • Oliver Sears Gallery

    Oliver Sears GalleryClick for website

  • Green on Red Gallery

    Green on Red GalleryClick for website

  • Green Lane Gallery

    Green Lane GalleryClick for website

  • Dickon Hall Gallery

    Dickon Hall GalleryClick for website

  • Eakin Gallery

    Eakin GalleryClick for website

  • Catherine Hammond Gallery

    Catherine Hammond GalleryClick for website

  • Solomon

    SolomonClick for website

  • Golden Thread Gallery

    Golden Thread GalleryClick for website

  • Peppercanister Gallery

    Peppercanister GalleryClick for website

  • Gormley's Fine Art Dublin

    Gormley's Fine Art DublinClick for website

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IrishArtists.com + BritishArtists.com - Now - January 2014

Ireland and UK
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Nov 2013 - The old artist-gallery model is evolving - with a massive shift towards self-selling on the Internet. Artists are only too aware that getting gallery representation can be complicated, time-consuming and high commission. Artists need 24 hr x 365 day personal presentation to collectors - and very low commission.
And that's exactly exactly what a new site launching in January will offer them.
IrishArtists.com and its twin BritishArtists.com will offer artists a unique new direct sales marketing platform via these new multiple selling sites. It opens up tremendous new opportunities for collectors and artists alike with safe payment guaranteed. Beta testing of the site by 170 Irish artists volunteers is completed - IrishArtists.com and BritishArtists.com will launch in early January.
Already the site has over 2,800 artists and 1.200 irish art collectors pre-registered.
Check YOU are in the database for FREE launch membership offer at http://www.IrishArtists.com

Online Irish Art Auctions

Morgan O'Driscoll - Ongoing online auctions

1 Ilen Street, Skibbereen, Co. Cork +353 28 22338/21183
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Aug 2013 - Why is it that some irish art auction houses show such uninspired offerings. Ross's in Belfast used to be an Irish art auction house which I often attended. For a long time it hosted some interesting shows but its been a long time since they have managed to tempt me in to look and perhaps bid.
Pity, but in my view, their offerings generally don't appeal to me any more. Of course there is the odd "gem" but I'm not sure that is enough these days. Just a personal opinion of course - or is that is the nature of the new Irish art world?
In my opinion you're far better trying elsewhere if you are in the north or turn to the quality stuff at Whytes in Dublin. Whytes are opposite to Ross's in my view - their offerings are on an upward trajectory with quality artists appearing more and more often. Morgan O'Driscoll have also been showing some decent art recently.
There are bargains to be had from Irish art auction houses but "bad quality" works of art are not much of a bargain..

Sell your Irish Art at Auction

Whytes Art Auctions - Dublin - Auctions - Ongoing

38 Molesworth St., Dublin 2, +353 (0)1 676 2888
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Apr 2014 - Free Valuations of Irish Art - Dublin, Countrywide and Great Britain.
Whyte's expert specialists are now cataloguing an Important Irish Art auction to take place at Dublin's RDS on 26 May 2014
Free Valuations & Advice from their specialists available Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm, at their galleries, 38 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2 and at the following locations:

Special Valuation Day
Dublin Painting & Sketching Club Exhibition,
Concourse Gallery, Dun Laoghaire Town Hall
Saturday 12 April 2014, 12 noon to 4pm
(by appointment)

Great Britain
Whytes experts will visit Great Britain 15-18 April to appraise and accept Irish Art for auction
Enquiries and Appointments: Ian Whyte, Sarah Gates or Adelle Hughes 01 6762888 info@whytes.ie

The Doorway Gallery - Dublin

The Doorway Gallery - Ongoing solo and mixed

24 South Frederick Street, Dublin Tel. +353(0)1 764 5895
Website  |  Email
Nov 2013 - Dropped into The Doorway Gallery on Dublin's Frederick St recently and they were busy hanging their latest show. I knew Denise Donnelly from The Bad Art Gallery and Deirdre Carroll from the Bridge Gallery had joined forces to create this new and exciting gallery but I was certainly impressed both by the work and the warm welcome from Deirdre. I've known Deirdre from her time at the Bridge Gallery and it's nice to see gallery owners who are enthusiastic and know their stuff - some of the "welcomes" in Dublin galleries are somewhat "world-weary".
The long list of gallery artists show a good eye for the up and coming as well as the already established and this gallery will be added to my "must visit" list. Well worth a visit.

Click the name to see what some of the top Public Galleries are showing

RHA Royal Hibernian AcademyClick for website

  • National Gallery - Dublin

    National Gallery - DublinClick for website

  • Crawford Art Gallery

    Crawford Art GalleryClick for website

  • Irish Museum of Modern Art

    Irish Museum of Modern ArtClick for website

  • Dublin City Gallery

    Dublin City GalleryClick for website

  • Ulster Museum & Art Gallery

    Ulster Museum & Art GalleryClick for website

  • RHA Royal Hibernian Academy

    RHA Royal Hibernian AcademyClick for website

  • Gallery of Photography

    Gallery of PhotographyClick for website

  • Chester Beatty

    Chester BeattyClick for website

  • Ormeau Baths Gallery OBG

    Ormeau Baths Gallery OBGClick for website

  • National Museum of Ireland

    National Museum of IrelandClick for website

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Franz Kline

"Now, Bonnard at times seems styleless. Someone said of him that he had the rare ability to forget from one day to another what he had done. He added the next day's experience to it, like a child following a balloon."

Why Invest In Irish Art

Over the last few years the Irish art market grew faster than almost any other international art market worldwide. "Each year saw unprecedented records smashing those of the previous year," wrote David Britton in the Irish Arts Review. Forbes - the key magazine for the world's top entrepreneurs - commented that "since 1990, 20th-century Irish art, Dutch Old Masters and English sporting pictures have been the art market's three fastest-rising sectors - with the Irish climbing the most steeply." Those days have changed - but despite the fall in the value of second-rate art, good Irish art continues to hold its own - supported by collectors who understand the cyclical nature of the art market.


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