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What Artists Can Do on IrishArt.com.

The features and benefits of your FREE ARTIST membership at IrishArt.com


Can I Sell My Work Directly on IrishArt.com?

Sorry but you cannot sell your work here - only through an Irish Art Gallery featured on this site.

You can, however, do the following:


Use Your Free Artist Account

Use all IrishArt features completely free. Find galleries, other artists, exhibitions and much more...all on the one site.


Contact Galleries for Representation

You will be able to upload your work, its description, sizes, medium, and prices so that any gallery in Ireland can view it and contact you for possible exhibitions. This search will ONLY be available to galleries - NOT to collectors or the public.

At this stage, it will not be available for you, the artist, to see your images either. Do not search for your own name because it only appears through the special gallery control panel.


IrishArt.com does not sell art or allow artists to sell work - only helps you to seek gallery representation. Galleries will be constantly reminded by IrishArt.com to check the Artists Pages.


View Responses from Irish Galleries

View all responses to enquires from galleries.


Update Your Profile Anytime

You can also change any of your Auto Notify choices, other details and use any password you like. For a special user name or password of your choice ask us by emailing md@IrishArt.com.

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