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What Collectors Can Do On IrishArt.com

The features and benefits of your FREE COLLECTORS IrishArt.com membership


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Use all IrishArt features completely free. Find Irish galleries, Irish artists, exhibitions and much more...all on IrishArt.com.


Automatic Notify System

Choose the Irish artists or galleries you are interested in.

IrishArt.com automatically e-mails you when any gallery in Ireland uploads new work from that artist or changes gallery information. You can do the same for exhibitions and any keywords.


Sell Through Galleries

Want to sell some of your collection through an Irish gallery? Then offer it to galleries on the IrishArt.com database by uploading the images and e-mailing direct to your chosen galleries in complete confidence..


Get On Gallery Mailing Lists

Gallery mailing lists are no problem. Add yourself to any gallery mailing list in Ireland at the click of a button.


Update Your Profile Anytime

You can also change any of your Auto Notify choices, details and use any password you like. For a special user name or password of your choice ask us by emailing md@IrishArt.com.






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