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The true price of fine art!


Artprice reference data banks on the art market covering 306,000 artists from the 4th C. to present in the following fine art categories: drawing-watercolour, painting, tapestry, prints, posters, sculpture-installation, photography and Audiovisual & Multimedia.
Everyday at Artprice we collect, process and analyze the art auctions covering 2,900 auction houses worldwide.


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..Top 50 Artists
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Jonny McEwen
Colin Davidson
Charles Harper
Louis le Brocquy
Markey Robinson
Basil Blackshaw
Arthur Maderson
Mary Theresa Keown
Graham Knuttel
Geoffrey Key
Neil Shawcross
Breon O'Casey
William Cunningham
Colin Middleton
Gertrude Degenhardt
William Crozier
Lisa Ballard
John Kingerlee
George Callaghan
Lesley Rainey
Terry Bradley
Patrick O'Reilly
Dawn Crothers
Lorna Millar
Brian Ballard
Geoffrey Robinson
Derek Menary
Joby Hickey
Pauline Bewick
Michael Flaherty
Paul O'Kane
Stephen Forbes
Amanda Jackson
Colin Corkey
Padraig MacMiadhachain
Joe Dunne
Alexey Krasnovsky
Cormac O'Kelly
Jim McDonald
Dennis Orme Shaw
Jane Swanston
Reaney, Padraic
John Behan
Anna Linnane
Martin Gale
Liam De Frinse

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