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What Art Galleries Can Do on IrishArt.com

The features and benefits of your IrishArt.com membership


Create Your Gallery Profile Online

Unless you are a brand-new Irish Art gallery, your profile may already be in this database.

Go to the Home Page Search box and choose search "Galleries by Name" on the drop--down menu.

If your gallery Is listed, you will just need to check your entry is correct and update it as you require.

To do this you need your password and user-name. If you have forgotten these, email md@irishart.com. If you prefer to use your own special username and password, just ask us and we will program it in for you...


Amend Any Aspect Of Your Gallery Profile

Contact details, opening hours, phone, fax, email, website URL, speciality, gallery description, names of gallery artists, artists whose work you wish to acquire for resale etc...


Upload Your Own Gallery Images

From your own computer upload and refresh your artists images as often as you like. Present collectors with Title, Media, Size, Price (in £ or Euros or both) and Description. You may upload up to 999 images.

You can change your Images, add New Images and activate and deactivate images for public display.


Create A List Of Current And Future Exhibitions - And "Auto Notify" Collectors

Keep collectors aware of your Exhibitions. They will be notified automatically if you mention an Irish artist they have an "Auto Notify" on - and they may have it on YOUR actual gallery. So by changing information, they will be notified automatically by email with a link to your site.

You may create a list of exhibitions current and future The IrishArt.com system decides if it's a present or future exhibition and places it on the Present or Future Exhibitions master page. Collectors can read this by clicking the "Exhibition Links" on the Home Page of IrishArt.com.


Search Through Artists Looking for Gallery Representation

You will be able to search for artists currently seeking gallery representation You can view their work, its description, sizes, medium, and prices This search will ONLY be available to galleries - NOT to collectors nor the public. IrishArt.com does not sell art or allow artists to sell work from this site - only to seek gallery representation. You will be able to send a message to the artist via the site to contact them i you wish.


View Responses Or Your Mail

View all responses to enquires sent by collectors and artists.


What Does It All Cost?

IrishArt.com has a number of plans to suit all galleries. A Minimal entry is free. There will be no charge for collectors now - or in the foreseeable future.


*** Can I Feature My Gallery or My Gallery Artists on the IrishArt.com Home Page? ***

Yes. you can.

Featured exclusive Front Page areas may be negotiated now at a minimum weekly cost.

Galleries may submit material for Front Page inclusion under these categories.


Featured Exhibition - Major blocks on the front page

Featured Gallery - Bottom of the page block for galleries and/or artists

Featured Images - Large Images on left hand side, change position each page click

Galleries Choices (Images with a hyperlink to your own Website)

Most Viewed - Contact us to discuss


See the existing Front Page for examples.

Rates can be negotiated with a minimum of one week.

Contact md@IrishArt.com. for details of availability and cost.


Search Engines and IrishArt.com

IrishArt.com is normally No.1 in Google, Yahoo and most other major Search Engines under all search terms that matter in Irish Art.

If someone is searching for anything to do with Irish Art - and your gallery features it - your chances of reaching them is maximised on IrishArt.com.





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